“An American pioneer of Ayurveda shines her light on this ancient science”
Gary Gibbs DO, Holistic Psychiatrist, author, The Food that Would Last Forever, understanding the dangers of food irradiation
“After losing weight on your program I feel much clearer and more productive. I feel less chubbiness all around, wake up easier, happier to exercise, less “stuck.” Thank you!”
“I lost six pounds, my stomach went in, I have less gas and can focus now!”
“Knowing your Blueprint is essential to life! This Ayurvedic secret will guide the reader through every storm and instill confidence. Cynthia Copple has written a gem from extended experience and research. This hands-on guide brings health, happiness, and a piece of mind. Ayurveda at it’s best!”
Dr. Denise Tarasuk ND, Author of Tics and Tourette’s Syndrome An Ayurvedic Approach to Health and Happiness (AAPNA 2009 Patanjali Award)
“Know Your Blueprint” is an excellent book for the individual seeking self-understanding and results! Cynthia Copple’s Ayurvedic and Western health background and over 30 years experience with thousands of clients has been condensed into an easy-to-understand, unique plan for working with this knowledge for maximum results. The approach is clear, kind and effective.”
Della Tracy Davis, M.A., co-founder Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda