Blueprints for Baby Boomers and Empty Nesters Who Want To Lose Weight

Are You A Sensitive, Passionate or Stable Blueprint? Your Best Weight Loss Diet Depends On It! What is your Blueprint? Ayurveda describes three genotypes or Blueprints that are our original nature. They determine our metabolism, [...]

Tired of being tired and not having a clear path to health?

[See free re-play of webinar below!!!] Many of my clients over the past 34 years have read a book (or three) and have taken a quiz to discover their Ayurvedic nature/Prakriti. Then they try eating different [...]

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Why I wrote a book.

When I was 13 (second from left in family photo), my aunt read a paper I wrote for school and told me I could be a writer when I grew up. I didn’t think I [...]

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