I know how to restore immune strength and vitality, because I lost mine and had to work to recover it! It was a devastating experience, but I learned first hand what I had done wrong.

A few years ago I was working three jobs–Dean of Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda, a hands-on Board Member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, and Director/Practitioner at Lotus Holistic Health Institute.  I was  doing what I loved and believed in, bringing Ayurveda to the West since 1982.

Learning to Restore Vitality

Learning to Restore Vitality

But I was working too long, too hard, and not taking time off. The politics of non-profit boards was getting to me and I was frustrated. After a few interpersonal difficulties I began to think about quitting my non-profits. Then I worried about how to tell them I was leaving and worried that my positions might have been so central that they really needed me to succeed.In the midst of these worries and inner conflicts, I woke up one morning with the right side of my face sagging. And I couldn’t move it! Couldn’t smile, couldn’t eat easily, and my right eye kept closing on its own. I had an attack of Bell’s Palsy, it turned out.

Although western medicine said it was a virus and Chinese medicine said it was “cold wind”, Ayurveda said that all diseases occur because the immune system is compromised.

I had run down my batteries through over-working and over-stressing and when a “cold wind” came, my body couldn’t restore balance.

It dealt a huge blow to my vanity–which is not necessarily a bad thing! So now I want to share what I learned about how to keep your immune strength high.

Building Immune Strength

Building Immune Strength

  1. Don’t take care of others without taking care of yourself first. Learn to say “no.” Do things you enjoy for yourself alone. Get regular massages, go on vacations.
  2. Avoid keeping your energy up with sugar, coffee, alcohol, excess exercise. If you feel tired, listen to your body and honor it.
  3. Eat regular warm, cooked meals slowly and mindfully, without stress. Put your digestion at the top of your list–because all of your energy, every cell in your body and your immune strength come from that simple process of digestion. Honor your micro biome, your gut bacteria and enzymes–feed them a variety of good, cooked foods while sitting down and taking your time.

While recovering, I wrote my book:

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