Are you over 45?

There are so many diets that promise to help you lose weight, and yet for many people over 45 they don’t work. The reason is  not just that the metabolism slows down past 35 years.  But because each person has a unique genetic combination.

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Belly fat is hard to lose according to Ayurveda. What Ayurveda Diet is best for you?



 One size does not fit all: you need a unique diet.


What we call genotypes Ayurveda discovered over 5,000 years ago.

Your Blueprint Was Fixed At Birth.

Ayurveda says that your unique Blueprint was created at conception and is the unique combination of three primary life-creating and sustaining processes. In

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What is your normal weight? Thin, muscled, heavy?

   Three Blueprints

 Sensitive Blueprint

The Sensitive Blueprint is characterized by the process of movement, which  is in all cells, bodies and nature. Including the weather, the movement of muscle and nerve and the mind. It is called Vata Dosha in Sanskrit. If you are lean and thin and like to move, you may be a Sensitive Blueprint.

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The Passionate Blueprint is intense, analytical and sharp!

Passionate Blueprint

The Passionate Blueprint is characterized by the process of creating energy and heat, in each cell of the body as well as in nature. This includes the sun heating the earth, the heat of the body, the digestive “fires” and passions. It is called Pitta Doshain Sanskrit. If you are passionate and analytical and entrepreneurial, you may be a Passionate Blueprint.

Stable Blueprint

The Stable Blueprint carries more substance, with denser muscles. This includes lipids/fat cells, muscle, liquids like plasma and lymph and mucus membranes. The Stable Blueprint is called Kapha Dosha in Sanskrit. If you are slow and steady and compassionate, you may be a Stable Blueprint.

Depending on which of these three processes predominates in you. your digestion and weight issues will be different. Therefore your diet to lose weight must necessarily be different.

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