When I was 13 (second from left in family photo), my aunt read a paper I wrote for school and told me I could be a writer when I grew up. I didn’t think I had talent but I wanted to write anyway.

I was the oldest of seven children and a very helpful (read “wanting to be liked”) child. I wanted to be heard, but everyone was too busy to listen. I learned to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.

In my 20’s I became a journalist (Vietnam War Correspondent), publicist, and wrote many articles. I always had the dream to write a book.

When I found Ayurveda in 1982, I discovered a means for understanding life, understanding myself, and for helping others.

DrT 08.1982

With Ayurvedic Professor Dr. R.P. Trivedi and other classmates at Mount Madonna Center in 1982 learning how to cook Ayurvedically. I am second from right.

I immediately wanted to tell the world about this incredible wisdom that could help everyone stay healthy and avoid the ravages of disease. However, I soon realized that not everyone shared my enthusiasm and in particular, few people wanted to change their lifestyle.

People found it hard to believe that diet and lifestyle had anything at all to do with their health.

In the beginning, I had doubts too. I found it hard to believe the Ayurvedic practical recommendations could work. After many years helping clients restore their health and vitality in my Ayurvedic clinic, those doubts are gone.

What remains is my passion to share this amazing wisdom with the world. Thus, my book, which is being published in October 2015.

In Know Your Blueprint: The Ayurvedic Secret To Restoring Your Vitality in 30 Days and Becoming Unstoppable, I share the Ayurvedic secrets to health and longevity with the aim of helping readers reach their goals in one month. What joy to finally reveal the secrets from my 34 year experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and educator.

I believe the tide has turned and people are ready to take responsibility for their own health and wellness rather than wait until they get sick and end up in a hospital.

An excerpt from the book, Why Weight Loss Is Not About Weight, is available for free download now HERE.

I look forward to exploring many Ayurvedic topics in future blogs, and to hearing your experiences on the road to vibrant health!

To your unstoppability!

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